Work Process
How We Work For You
What do ONLY OUR clients get?


  • Unlimited number of versions of design 
  • Unlimited number of meetings -with you, the contractor, artisans etc.
  • VIP management in all stages for as long as it takes to execute the project
  • Taking care of all orders bureaucracy, tracking and scheduling supply


In-house Photorealistic Illustrations of the home in THIRED OF THE PRICE in comparison to 3d illustration companies


1. Plans of the home (as many versions as needed for your satisfaction and approval)

  • Floor plans
  • All infrastructure plans
  • Elevations of bathroom walls, covered walls and any other detail that needs clarification
  • Kitchen design plans& elevations
  • Execution Plans for all suppliers (Glass works, Wall covering, Carpentry, custom-made décor etc.)
  • Light fixtures layout plan

2. A 3d Floor Plan with Furniture Layout – an Interactive plan that can be seen from any desired angle

(As many versions as needed for your satisfaction and approval)

3. An Elevation of each room wall –

(As many versions as needed for your satisfaction and approval)

4. Creating a walkthrough –

Choosing Style

All home walls Plans demonstrating Style & layout of Furniture, Décor, Wall Covering & Finishes 

(As many versions as needed for your satisfaction and approval)

5.In House photorealistic illustration

(as many versions as needed for your satisfaction and approval) 


6. Tangible Mood Boards of Materials, Colors and Finishes for every area of the home

7. Close and constant communication with you, the contractor & all suppliers during execution stage

Availability to all questions and consultations at all times.

8. Extensive online search for all furniture & décor 

This will serve us on our furniture style meeting before heading to the stores for shopping.

We will make as many back-and-forth sessions and changes as you like until you are satisfied.

9.Creating a Printed Catalogue with references of furniture and décor to go over while shopping

The catalogue will help us focus and save time. It will also guide stores and suppliers, so that they will find exactly what we are looking for 🙂

10.Shopping for all items, Art & Décor- 

As many shopping days and stores as needed for achieving the perfect result.

11. Installing all furniture, light fixtures, Art & Décor.

If you would like we will even pack, unpack & put every item in its place, make the beds, fold the clothes..

Thank You

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Talk to you soon, and thanks again for being awesome!

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