design a better world

A Luxury interior design company with VIP Turnkey services.
Home Staging for luxury estates.
Interior Architecture for luxurious, functional, healthy home environment.
Using only ethical products for the sake of you and your loved ones, animals and our planet


Co-Founder. Seasoned graphic designer. Web Designer & Web developer. "Designing home decor was a lifelong dream for me"


Co-Founder. A graduate of interior design at HIT institute. Luxury estates designer. "Designing homes &  Decor is my greatest passion"


our core values

WHY We Do It-

To expand goodness and make the world a better place

We encourage people to shop Cruelty-Free and by doing so- Upgrading the quality & practicality of their home Making a healthy home for them and their loved ones Doing good for our planet and third world workers

HOW We Do It-

Doing honest and authentic work / Giving turnkey luxury design VIP services / Listening, caring and being available for every small need or detail / Giving an outstanding luxurious elaborated design result.