Exclusive, luxury home interior architecture and design.

The Work Process

1. Listening

We  get to know you and your household needs .
(What  is the purpose of the renovation. What didn’t you like about your homes so far. What would you really love in your new home. How you spend your time at home. The budget you had in mind. The level of involvement you would like to have in the process, and so on..)

2. Writing

We make a list of all the aspects we need the home to have and not have, the theme, the vibe,
the partition of the space and anything else that will require design work.

3. Deciding

We give you 3 different plan options of design to choose from, we will walk you through them and decide together which one is the very best for your needs.

4. Choosing

We do a bidding to find the perfect suppliers & contractors for your home.

5. Showing

We hand you photorealistic 3d images of the entire home

6. Supervising

We supervise the complete execution of the design plans.

7. Shopping

We shop and pick every material and product needed for the complete design scheme.

8. Dressing

We furnish , decor and accessoriez  (we even put the spoons in the kitchen drawers and iron your bedding)

9. Celebrating

 A festive launch of your ready-new-gorgeous home

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What do you get?

24/7 VIP services

Turnkey Design services

Luxurious property enhancement

Meticulous & rich Design

Uncompromising project management

State of the art sophisticated Design & Decor

Emphasis on Practicality, Health & Quality

Ethical Design 


A chance to Do Good for our planet & animals

When the customer is happy- we're happy

Ronen Bezalel is an Entrepreneur and a partner at “Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshmen Tal Law Offices”

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